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T & TIE is driven to make a difference through promoting a culture of service, encouraging education paired with empowerment tools, and building community.


T & TIE believes that helping others in a meaningful way is essential to creating a sense of joy and fulfillment: whether that's through volunteerism, creative work, or professional work. It's an essential step in the ARCHES Method to loving your life a little more. We believe anyone can utilize our method to find more fulfillment and appreciation for their life.


We encourage people to ask, "what skills can I acquire to serve others in a meaningful way?" We promote a growth mindset where creatives and changemakers can gain skills to make a meaningful difference in their life, the lives of others, or their communities. We are dedicated to motivate, uplift, and inspire by our channels: the Artistic Spirit Podcast and Heartfelt Lift. With Equanimity Boutique, we aim to give people the empowerment tools to self-signal and inspire others.

It's part of T & TIE's mission to create inclusive equanimity in the communities we build that are supportive and a safe space for people to be authentic and creative. We host gratitude challenges in our RNTKY Suicide Prevention discord, host creative sprints in our Creativille discord for creatives, and host challenges for creatives to overcome blocks and reach more people in our Consistent Creative Clarity Facebook group.

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