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T & TIE advocates for equitable social justice through service, education, and the promotion of human rights culture.


T & TIE serves the dignity and worth of humanity through advocacy and volunteerism. Volunteerism and advocacy results in self reflection, as well as social justice reflection. The aim of service is to cultivate equitable social justice and inclusive equanimity for individuals, communities, and on a global scale. 


Learning and fostering our values of alacrity, heart, resilience, and conviction:  T & TIE Advocates are encouraged to find engaging information, push their limits, persevere, and believe in themselves. T & TIE is determined to make neurosociological knowledge less esoteric and readily accessible to a more diverse range of populations.

T & TIE methodically utilizes partializing to break down social justice issues into smaller processes, and advocates for more just solutions that promote and realize human rights. Service and education give birth to human rights culture, where language is a powerful tool and every individual has a voice.

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