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As a creativity coach, Katie focuses on these topics with her clients: creative self-worth, overcoming creative blocks, finding your creative vision, dedicating to daily practice, self-publishing, building your platform, overcoming the fear of rejection, self-care, sharing your message, creating vulnerable work, making a difference with creativity, and the creative process. 

Join her free community for creatives, Creativille where she hosts creative sprints or her free Facebook group, Consistent Creative Clarity, where she host monthly challenges for creatives.

For one hour sessions

Single session: $200

Three session bundle: $480 (20% off)

Five session bundle: $750 (35% off)

For half hour sessions

Single session: $100

Three session bundle: $240 (20% off)

Five session bundle: $375 (35% off)


Testimonial from Arame Ndoye: Healer, Author, and Coach

"Working with Katie has been a life changing experience. Since I began creativity coaching under Katie’s instruction she has been able to help me to uncover major blocks in my life that were directly affecting my business and personal development  multidimensionally. I began seeing results immediately after meeting with Katie and I continue to experience massive shifts in the way my life unfolds and propels me in the directions that I am aiming for. Katie’s coaching is an invaluable resource to me in every aspect of my life from parenting, to growing my business as an entrepreneur. I recommend Katie to everyone I know who is looking to tap into their creativity and work toward a healthier, happier and more prosperous future."


    -Christa Knappen, Owner of Conscious Therapeutics

"As an artist, Katie provides me an opportunity to express all sides of myself and all of my emotions, leaving me feeling connected and authentic while confident and grounded"

   -Gloria Lorelai Lee, artist, humanitarian and Certified High Performance Coach

"Katie has been one of the most important pieces of beauty in my writing journey (and beyond).  She is an amazing listener and you can see she genuinely cares. She will listen, analyze, look within the wealth of wisdom she holds and then will speak back to you in a manner in which you can use and pull from on more than just a creative level. Katie has taught me to really dive into my poetry in such a way that I can get lost in it without fear of getting so lost that I have to step away or drag some of the rest of my life along with it. Kind of like when you watch too much of a show on Netflix and then you step away feeling like you just went through another life. The transitions (or channel changing) seem to flow better now than previous to working with Katie. She has a beautiful insightful old soul and I am blessed to be able to work with her on a regular basis." 


   -MJ Scarlet (Coppola); author, poet, wellness warrioress, Host of Mirrored Wellness Podcast and Impact Strategist of  T & TIE


"Dear Katie,


Just wanted to tell you that I am so glad I decided to work with you. I’ve had more than a few epiphanies thanks to your thought provoking questions. You seem to know when to probe and when to just let me talk it through out loud. Your advice has helped me find clarity in my work. I find myself catching my negative self talk now, and it doesn’t hold me back like it used to. I’m a better artist because of your support. I know you’ll always be in my corner.


With Sincere Thanks,


Tony Angelini"

   -Tony Angelini: Author, Sound Designer, Live Theatre and Dance

"I am a copywriter that identifies as a creative non-fiction writer as well. I wasn't sure what to expect with Katie's creativity coaching, but I am beyond happy that I did it. Her depth of insight, compassion, and support made me feel safe, heard, understood and appreciated. She gave me space to explore my own thoughts and struggles. Never once did I feel judged or misread. After coaching with Katie, I feel grounded, encouraged and inspired. I cannot say enough about how amazing she is. For as long as she is offering coaching I will be a client for life, her service is outstanding!"


   -Delia Peterson, Founder of The Written Podcast Agency, Impact Theory copywriter, and Impact Theory Community Manager

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