Katie Moran

Founder and CEO

Katie Moran has a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Service, where she concentrated in research. In 2017, Katie interned with the Center for Education Research and Evaluation at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where she focused on data analysis. In 2016, she interned with AHRC in the Melissa Riggio Higher Education Program at the College of Staten Island, where she designed and instructed a seminar on employment and self-marketing skills, as well as counseled college students with intellectual (dis)abilities. She graduated from Fordham University with a bachelors degree in Sociology with minors in Creative Writing and African & African American Studies. After serving as a representative for the NGO, the International Multiracial Shared Cultural Organization (IMSCO), at the UN Volunteering for the Sustainable Development Goals event, Katie Moran began to understand the importance of service and volunteerism and its role in advocating for human rights. Katie Moran developed a passion for neuroscience and psychology at the age of twelve, and she became determined to combine her love of social science and neuroscience through the framework of neurosociology and its application to social work. Katie was a recipient of the Reverend Dr. Nicholas J. Langenfeld Award for her 2018 Thesis: "MSW Students' Attitudes on Mental Health Stigma."

Erica Richardson

Reverse Cultural Engineer

As T & TIE’s Reverse Cultural Engineer, Erica Richardson concentrates on holistic restoration of cultural communities and the debunking of System-based Programming. Erica holds her degree in Forensic Psychology from DeSales University, as well as certificates in Cultural Competency and Mental Health First Aid from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences. As Activities Assistant at Sunrise Senior Living from 2015-2017, Erica learned the importance of providing community services to nurture trusting and respectful relationships with clients. Through her work as a Behavioral Health Worker with Assessment and Treatment Alternatives in Philadelphia, Erica employed clinical techniques for therapeutic interventions focused on de-escalating problem behaviors. Currently, Erica is traveling to explore and better understand cultural traditions and innovations, as she works remotely from Hawai'i.

Richard O'Connor


Richard is a seasoned Finance Executive with 20+ years of experience in Digital and Traditional Media companies.  Focused on driving growth and profitability as a strategic partner to Executive teams, his responsibilities have ranged from the financial management of a $1B subsidiary of a public company, to acquisitions of, investments in scaling and exits of digital media and technology firms.  Most recently, as the CFO of PageScience, Richard managed the day-to-day operations and finances of the health focused programmatic network, including restructuring the senior debt, closing on a Series B round of financing and bringing the company to profitability, until its sale to Accent Health Media in 2016.  Prior to PageScience, Richard was part of the team that led the buyout of Prime Visibility Media Group in 2007, where he remained as CFO.  During his tenure at PV Media Group, Richard was instrumental in establishing financial controls, managing the business to strict profitability standards, restructuring the senior debt and recapitalization efforts, as a result of which the Company remained profitable, even through 2009 downturn and its eventual sale to blinkx plc (LSE AIM: BLNX) in 2011.  Prior to PV Media Group, Richard was a Principal at Nakita Venture Partners, a venture services company focused on the Media Industry, where he led the origination, due diligence and investments in digital media companies.  Earlier, Richard was with Universal Domestic Television, a Division of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) for over 10 years as VP Finance and Operations, where he managed the day-to-day operations of the business unit, including employment contracts, budgeting, accounting, legal, development, production, distribution and sales and marketing. While at Universal, Richard helped lead the acquisition and integration of several multi-media TV assets for Universal Domestic Television, USAI, Vivendi and NBC. Richard earned a BS (Accounting) from University of Bridgeport and lives in New York, NY.

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Katie Moran on Values

ALACRITY: What excites you?

Learning with Purpose in Mind

Engagement and excitement enhances the brain's capacity to learn and rewire itself; learning with purpose in mind expands the mind and begins to bridge the gap between who you are and who you can become.

HEART: What matters to you?

Depth and Meaning

When you truly listen to people, you find out what matters to them by the look in their eyes, the rhythm of their speech and the gravity of their breath. Heart transforms ordinary into extraordinary, and when you listen to someone you hear the extraordinary depth and meaning shine through from their heart to yours.

RESILIENCE: What drives you?

Truth and Justice

There's a difference between honesty and truth, just as there's a difference between revenge and justice; the former treat symptoms of the ailment, while the latter can cure ailments. That difference means truth and justice have the power to heal.

CONVICTION: What do stand you for?

Shining in Darkness

The Moran family motto is: "they shine in darkness;" I take that to heart. I want to stand for the opportunity in adversity, the truth which overcomes all obstacles, and the refinement of passion and purpose after enduring hardship.

Erica Richardson on Values

ALACRITY: What excites you?


I look forward to the lessons and discovery that each day can bring, even in the smallest of ways. I am ever-excited by those moments where things seem to fall into place or finding gratitude in the darkest of times. This learning takes on an entirely new beauty when shared with others through deep, honest, and open conversation.

HEART: What matters to you?

Authenticity and Self-Reflection

I have developed an appreciation for those who do not try to fit into molds, those who allow for an authentic expression of the self. This sort of honest self-reflection coupled with the relinquish of fear from judgement, leads to the cultivation of more trusting, heartfelt relationships among genuine people.

RESILIENCE: What drives you?


I intend to utilize my time by exploring myself and the world around me, while releasing fear and doubt. Driven by the notion of exploration, and embracing this life, I have become grateful for the joy and hardship, which has shaped my character.

CONVICTION: What do stand you for?

The Interconnection of Humanity

The insightful reflection gained from the interconnection of humanity belongs to all of us. My hope is for people to feel more comfortable expressing and sharing to free themselves and others from negative thoughts and emotions that entrap us in doubt, while embracing the joy and gentle kindness that uplifts our hearts. In doing so, we will not only be more connected, but we will come together to overcome stigma: individually and as a collective whole.

Rich O'Connor on Values

ALACRITY: What excites you?

Challenging Myself

Every challenge teaches you stamina: from the gym to the board room. Stamina plays a vital role in focus and endurance, which allows for continued personal and professional growth. 

HEART: What matters to you?

Meaningful Relationships

Family comes first. My personal relationships hold significant meaning to me. Likewise, I invest in my professional relationships by valuing the capabilities of members on my team, while challenging their limiting self-beliefs to enable them to acquire and cultivate their skills. 

RESILIENCE: What drives you?

Work Ethic and Appreciation

I am driven by my work ethic and my ability to genuinely appreciate what I have and what I can give. I appreciate an enduring work ethic in myself and in others who are on my team. It's really about bringing value.

CONVICTION: What do stand you for?


I try to do the right thing, even when it isn't the easy thing. Because I value work ethic, I choose to not take shortcuts. By valuing integrity in business, the model becomes sustainable.