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""Designed to make others feel less alone."

Summation 52 is a poetry platform designed to make others feel less alone. This project serves as a consistent art form and means of connection between reader and poet. Featured poets are interviewed on the blog. Keep an eye out for poetry and self-development events in 2024. Poems are published at the end of the year. Books include: The Spirit Inside and Redeeming Endless Possibility.

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Empoweress Poetry Press was born to uplift and bring together feminine, female and women-centered voices for each to express and connect through their unique empowerment journeys. We are open for submissions for our Spring Anthology. EPP was created by Ambra Sultzbaugh, MJ Coppola, and Katie Moran.

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Artistic Spirit discusses artistry, the guests' stories, and the lessons they've learned along the way with the intention to uplift and inspire. Frequent topics are art, mental health, and spirituality.

Heartfelt Lift is a 5-15 min show where guest share uplifting stories, ideas, or a message with the audience to make social media a better place and cure those Monday blues.


Join our gratitude challenge here.

RNTKY started as a blog post, a YouTube video, and evolved into a community where we host gratitude challenges. A gratitude challenge is a designated period where members share one thing they are grateful for every day during the challenge. We welcome gratitude shares year-round. RNKTY's suicide prevention discord is for people who are looking to cultivate and share gratitude. It's a supportive safe space for members to share about mental health topics. The discord is meant for people who believe in the cause of suicide prevention, all people in crisis are recommended to ask for help by looking up a crisis line in their area. There's no shame in asking for help and it's saved Katie and MJ's lives.

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Join our creative sprint here.

Creativille is a space for creatives to hold themselves accountable, share resources and wins, as well as enccourage one another. Creativity can feel like a journey of solitude, but none of us are alone on our journey and this discord is a place for creatives to connect with others who love what they love: creating.

We host creative sprints. A creative sprint is a commitment (usually for 90 days) where you commit to creating on your art form for a minimum of ten minutes a day for the designated period. It can kickstart your daily practice or you can choose to pop in when it works for you. Most people come back for the sense of community.

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Join our next challenge here.

The Consistent Creative Clarity Facebook Group is the place where creatives and speakers go to challenge themselves to hit their next level and connect with people who are also on their growth journey. The lessons are powerful, the tasks are challenging, and the community is supportive.

We host challenges in the beginning of every month. Katie guides you through a topic that will push you past your comfort zone and unblock you creatively. This is another place you will realize you are not alone and that you are deeply supported. Each challenge is purposeful and challengers are encouraged to bring their own intentions of growth to each task they complete during the 5-day challenge each month.


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Our mission is to create products that motivate, uplift, and inspire through self-signaling. Equanimity Boutique is a t-shirt brand dedicated to uplifting messages on each shirt. Equanimity is a level-headedness and serenity. As a mental health advocate and creativity coach, Katie wanted to share uplifting messages with those who understand the struggle of mental wellness and creating art as well as the magic of creating and growing from adversity. These shirts encourage wearers to step into their power, spread uplifting messages, and serve as self-signaling. For every purchase from our suicide prevention collection, we will be donating $2 to the UK charity Tiny Changes, which supports mental health initiatives in youth.

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