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2019-2023 OUTREACH


""Designed to make others feel less alone."

Summation 52 is a poetry platform designed to make others feel less alone. This project serves as a consistent art form and means of connection between reader and poet. Featured poets are interviewed on the blog. Keep an eye out for poetry and self-development events in 2024. Poems are published at the end of the year. Books include: The Spirit Inside and Redeeming Endless Possibility.

Not A Standard by Michele Christine Weinstein
Katie Not A Standard Quote.png

""Even if you feel like you will never love yourself again, you will. You will rebuild, you will become stronger, and you will inspire others with your courage to keep going."

Katie Moran was featured in Not A Standard by Michele Christine Weinstein, a platform that highlights everyday stories of overcoming obstacles. Katie discusses forgiveness for one's self and others as well as healing and finding the courage to keep going when faced with hardship.

Taking Back Your Autonomy: Recovering and Thriving After Sexual Abuse with Katie Moran on The Silver Linings Handbook Podcast

Listen here.

As a survivor of sexual assaults, suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, Katie has spoken with openness about her challenges with depression and anxiety in a world in which we can be prone at times to forget the stigma that still exists around these topics. This episode discusses stigma, healing, and advocacy in these areas, the cost and value being vulnerable in the public sphere and using creativity to heal.


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