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Featured Advocate: Martin Dix

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Hi my name is Martin. I'm a new dad living in Northants, UK with my partner and son. I work for an optical company for a living and I'm a secretary for a charity that visits the housebound. I've been writing poetry for around twenty years and always found it helps me mentally. 

What excites you?

Knowing that I can make a difference. Whether that is at home, at work or on social media sharing my poetry and supporting others.

What matters to you?

My family. My son is 15 months at the time of writing this and he is my world. I'm lucky to spend lots of time with him and I enjoy every minute. Well, most of the time...

What drives you?

Making people I love around me proud. Want my son to look at me when he's older and see his dad with not too many regrets about the choices I made in life.

What do you stand for?

Putting others before yourself. Sometimes it's important to concentrate on you but I've found that putting the needs of others, especially when they need it more than you, will give you the happiness we all crave.

What causes are special to your heart?

I'm a secretary for a charity that visits the housebound called St. Vincent de Paul society. We carry out such amazing, behind the scenes work that it makes me so proud to be associated with them.

What's the difference you want to make?

To give my son the choice of paths in his life and hopefully have my words live on when I'm gone!

If there's one message you want to leave readers with, what would it be?

To support others. It costs nothing and you can make someone's day with the smallest (to you) of gestures. 

Find Martin here:

Facebook: martindixpoetry2020

Instagram: martindix87

Twitter: MartinDix87

How can you make someone's day?

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