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Thetis & Themis Inclusive Equanimity, LLC (T & TIE) is devoted to applying neurosociological research to speaking, narrative, and coaching to increase accountability, empathy, and gratitude in creatives. A creative person is anyone with a heart. Our mission is to create social change through unlocking creativity and harnessing technology for social good.


Katie speaks about suicide prevention and mindful mental health to help audiences find the courage to redefine their circumstances. After people hear Katie speak they will know they can redefine their circumstances by stepping into their courage because her talk shows them how she went from suicidal to grateful. We are determined to provide a sense of community for creatives on their artistic journey. Part of our mission is to highlight creatives who have something to share with the world.

Our Values
  • Alacrity: What excites you?
  • Resilience: What drives you?
  • Conviction: What do you stand for?
  • Heart: What matters to you?
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